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Success Stories

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“Ste. Genevieve du Bois School gave me a good, disciplined foundation, based in faith, that allowed me to succeed in high school. Along with my family’s business, it instilled in me a solid work ethic and confidence not only in myself as a person, but in my academic abilities.”

Rob Lochner class of 1982, VP of Development for Clayco Realty Group

“Ste. Gen. prepared me for my career as a high school English teacher by teaching me to treat others with respect and compassion. Teachers like Mrs. Damrath fostered a love of reading and literature in me as well as a passion for learning that I have been able to share with my own students.”

Vicki Vandover Billimack, class of 1981, High School English Teacher

“Ten years ago, after living in other cities, my wife and I decided to bring our family back to St. Louis. We returned ‘home’ because my four children missed Warson Woods, Ste. Genevieve du Bois School & Parish and the terrific friends and families that make up this entire community.”

John Simon, class of 1980 & Ste. Gen. parent, Regional Manager, Paccar, Fortune 500 Company